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Vybz Kartel, “Yuh Love”

31 Aug

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Maybe I slept on this single from Mixpak Records a little, but I’m posting it anyway since it strays from Vybz’s usual course. My friend Felipe described it as some “hipster Vybz” because it’s produced by Brooklyn’s Dre Skull, but, hey I’m not as big of a hater as SOME people and I can respect a good thing when I hear it. Also, check out the cute shirts!!! Felipe, I know you’re jelz now.

Picture 2

NOLA Bounce

31 Aug

Picture 2

My besttie– the one who’s name is tattooed on my arm and for whom I once mopped up red wine pukes from her mother’s bedroom floor whilst she belligerantly laugh/cried– well, she lives in NOLA (New Orleans for those foreigners) and she’s a public defender and you can image that requires some serious unwinding at the end of the day. One her unwinding past times includes visiting the local “country club” (a pool scene for local loungers) or hitting up “bounce” parties. Ignorant and not being privy to this “bounce” scene she sent me this link, a website dedicated to all things “bounce” and appropriately titled

Ding Dong, “Holiday”

31 Aug

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This video/song is every which ways up, down and all around on the Jamaican airwaves right now and it gets stuck in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your little stray puppy dogs moutha.*

*Ed. Note: Do you see the “Holiday” dance? The swaying hips, kinda like the side to side version of “jerkin?” Yeah that shit is everywhere too.

Holga 3

31 Aug

I know, I know, it looks like I am a crazy cat person, but truthfully, I kinda am. My dad has like seven or something and we have a tendency to take pictures of them, especially when they look as pretty as my little lass does. To get to the point thou, here is the third installment of images taken on my Holga whilst traveling cross country two weeks ago with my diabetic cat. I’ve started carrying my camera around with me here in Kingston but I haven’t found a developer yet that does 12o film. Soon come.









DJ Webster feat. Serani, “Tipsy in da Club”

21 Aug


Do you remember “Chicken Noodle Soup” reigning from Harlem’s DJ Webstar and Young B? Maybe the dance? Whether you do or don’t, dancehall’s ladies man, Serani, has always brought the goodness to the table and without him on this track, I wouldn’t feel nearly as inclined to get tipsy on the dance floor. Get it here and hear it below.

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Vybz Kartel, “Life We Living”

20 Aug

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Whether this is or isn’t the “official” video for Vybz Kartel’s, “Life we Living” riddim, the song links up exactly with Will Smith’s, Persuit of Happiness film and is resonating with me fully since transplanting to Kingston yesterday evening. Tonight I’ll be hitting up one of Kingston’s newer clubs, Fiction, with friends to celebrate my first day in graduate school and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have some new picks to share with you from the club.

Holga 2

20 Aug

More from the road trip cross country.