Aidonia, “No Licking It”

6 Sep

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The other night I asked my friend why all the Dancehall songs on the radio are about pickney, money and mama’s (except Kartel’s “Come Breed Mi” which plays about every ten minutes) and he said that Dancehall songs have had to switch route since the Jamaican broadcasting system banned explicit lyrics and “daggering” songs from the radio about six months. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get your fair helping of raunch, especially in clubs and at shows like Street Vybz, which I attended Friday night to see T’ Nez. A surprise performance by Vybz Kartel was enthusiastically welcomed, as well as Black Rhyno, Gaza Indu, Aidonia and heap load of others who bombarded the stage and mashed up the scene by arguing with the DJ’s about which track to play. The show was a scrambling mess– at one point the host told everyone to “Get the fuck off the stage!” if not performing– but catching Aidonia lightened the mood since I’ve been hooked on his “Whine ‘n Bubble” and “Nowadays Girl” since early summer. A new Aidonia song just popped up on the Youtube radar today, where most new riddim hits lurk after being burned onto discs for street sale, and the riddim is Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” beat!!! You can guess what he’s talking about, I know what he’s talking about, such a shame.


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