Mr. Vegas, “Gallis / Sassa Step”

4 Oct

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This may seem like a question reserved for an episode of the Tyra Banks show, but have you ever met anybody who had more then one “girlfriend” and those girls didn’t know about each other. It’s kinda a bummer but at the same time, watching the person scramble to generate some absurd lie is incredibly entertaining because the lies are so completely left field that anyone who would believe such ridiculousness must have half a brain. Not long ago I watched a boy tell one of his “girlfriends” the reason his phone was off from ten o’clock at night to six o’clock the next evening was because he was sleeping. Who sleeps that long unless they have H1N1? The previous week after his phone kept accidently answering in the club, he told her that he’d been hit by a car and sent to the hospital, that one of his friends must have picked up his phone and had it in their pocket while they were at the club. Granted both girlfriends don’t live anywhere near him and have no proof that in fact dude did not get hit by a car, but was really at the strip club all night because that’s where he spends most of his time on the weekends, unbeknownst to his two out of town ladies in waiting.

If you don’t know, “Gallis” is a term for this type of ladies man that has “nuff gyal” to go around. The hilarity of this Mr. Vegas video lies in the first few lines where his girl calls him up and he says, “Whatagwan baby gyal?” and she’s says, “Don’t baby gyal me!” which is what my dudes ladies should be saying every time he starts with “but baby gyal…” Vegas makes this video into one part Dance Dance Revolution, one part Micheal Jackson’s Bad, which is a little less entertaining because a) the girl in the second part of the video looks bored and b) Jamaican Micheal Jackson is flipping creepy.


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