Spanner Banner, “Rolling Stone”

7 Oct

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When I say it’s really hot in Jamaica, most of my friends on the North American continent scoff at me because they’re harboring resentment for what some term “island life”. Trust, it’s not all Mai Tai’s and Banana Boat sunblock. Since it is about 86 degrees today and the humidity makes it feel about 93, making your way down the road to grab food takes a lot of will power sometimes because you’re sweating like a pig and the heat makes your belly feel full. In my haziness today I put my shirt on inside out before heading out and while most days I get a holler from the security guards at the US Embassy, then the men at the gas station, the window washers across from Texaco and the bodega dude at the stop light, I think today my inside-out shirt was particularly provacative because a bus full of school children gracefully pointed out what a “white bitch” I was wearing…. or maybe they weren’t talking about my mussed white tee. If it’s my skin that’s the issue for these kids– and they probably don’t fully understand why– the only thing they need know about it is that it’s thick.

Point being, Jamaica isn’t permanent vacation, that’s just an illusion. It’s no coincidence that after those kids called me “white bitch” they asked for money and while tourism is just one component of that unfortunate interaction, it consumes a big ratio of it and perpetuates “hustling” in the yute. Which brings me to Spanner Banner because there is no better cure for the blues then some good ‘ol make love reggae and Spanner Banner’s “Rolling Stone” has been at the top of the REtv charts for about two weeks now. A simple jam for obvious reasons, it’s a good song to vacate your mind to when necessary. Also, since I’m headed to New York for the weekend I’ll be off the map– heads up!– but come Monday morning it’s Kingston Town I’ll be returning home to.


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