FADER’s The Let Out, NYC et al

22 Oct


This week has been less then fortunate when it comes to spare time so I’m finally taking a moment to breath and catch up on the last few weeks activities. First off let me start by saying “Frenchmen” in Ochi Rios last Sunday was well worth the muddy shoes and blue Mondayz since not only did I have more good food then I could fit into my belly and almost a handle’s worth of liquor, I danced until I literally couldn’t walk. Shaky legs were mostly the result of Soca beats that my blown out ears were a little too greedy to process including one particular song played twice from Saint Vincent’s Zoelah, “More Water”. One particular blog, Triniposse, pretty much dishes out any Soca sounds you’re craving and a little bit of around-the-way dancehall, or both, like this Busy Signal remix of Zoelah’s “More Water.”

Also, I failed to mention that a few weeks ago I got the chance to DJ for The Fader’s The Let Out, a weekly radio broadcast from East Village Radio, a tiny little portal for blasting jams. In addition to playing some of my current favorites, I caught up with The Fader Fam and we roughly touched base on the Gaza vs. Gully beef– which I openly acknowledged that I accept and don’t fully understand. You can listen to the entire two hour podcast on OCT 8th here or you can cut through my verbal shortcomings and go straight to the mix which I compiled for you here.

Track List:
1. Serani, “Be With You”
2. Ding Dong, “Responsible Parents”
3. Mavado, “Can’t Take Wi Life”
4. Merital feat. Vybz Kartel, “My Money, HAHA”
5. T-Nez, “Whats Up Money”
6. Laden, “Pree Dem a Pree”
7. Blak Ryhno, “Whine Up Yuh Body”
8. Busy Signal, “Tightest”
9. Tiki, “No Gal Nuh Hatta”
10. Ding Dong, “Holiday”
11. Assassin, Hand Ina Di Air”
12. Mr. Vegas, “Gallis”
13. Beenie Man, “Gimme Gimme”
14. Aidonia, “Big Matic Nuh Laugh”

And if you missed my verbal shortcomings on EVR and skipped to the mix, don’t worry, because you can check out journalism student, Natty Ciolko’s, Dancehall Podcast that I was interviewed for alongside my REtv homie, Casmar James here. Big ups to Natty for giving the dish all the way from Austin to Kingston.

Headed to Maroontown for a couple days. Soon Come!


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