England Town Medley

26 Oct

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saturday I spent the morning with a few locals of Sherwood-Content (the childhood home of Usain Bolt) talking to them about the affects of Bauxite mining in the area (eg. how it affects the ground water, the natural resources, jobs, ect.) One man in particular was fervently opposed to the mining and raised his fist in the air to incite physical opposition to the outsiders. It was inspiring to see someone with so much motivation but in the long run, organizing is an ongoing upward battle and it takes a whole lot of discipline to make anything happen especially since more often then not, the opposition has a hell of a lot more money, time and energy for the fight. Hopefully the Sherwood-Content community won’t give up their fight.

On a lighter note, getting out of Kingston and into the Jamaican interior inspired me to find some of my own discipline and finally cook an official Jamaican dish. So last night I let my Gungo beans soak and today I’m cooking chicken curry with rice and beans*. But before that gets underway, I wanna mention a new video for the England Town Medley, which features most of the Portmore Empire crew including a little wordy foreplay from Vybz Kartel and Shebba. You can get Vybz and Shebba’s “Do Me Dat” at The Heatwave blog.

Before I check out, I’m a leave on a positive note since I bogged you down with a little bit of real talk. This G Whizz song has been lingering around the top ten charts for a few weeks now, and while the video doesn’t make a whole lot of sense visually, G Whizz has been making waves with “On and On” and also his hit “Life,” which you can get here. I particularly like the section where he’s on the cover of “Sort Out” magazine. How can I get up in that shit?

*Ed note: rice and peas


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