Santa/Gully/Gaza Snowstorm

12 Nov


Damn! This is a bloody rass clot Christmas. If you haven’t been paying attention to the Gully/Gaza Santa Claus lyrical feud (I don’t blame you if you have other things to do… I’m serious) then you probably just realized that Vybz Kartel has given a rebuttal to the “Gully Christmas” track with his “Gaza Christmas”. I suspect this all spawned from Merital Family’s “My Money (HA HA)” track from the Go Go Riddim because it started the whole Santa Claus theme and provoked Alliance’s Flexx to say “dem nuh gangsta, dem wangsta, dem HA HA HA like Santa” and so on in “Gully Christmas” until Santa is basically drudged through the loins of Christmas sacrilege. Then Vybz Kartel picks up from there with “Gaza man don’t kill Santa Claus, Ba rum ba bum bum” and takes a spin in the ‘ol Christmas sleigh for a Gully drive by. You following me? (HA HA HA) Merital Family’s Santa Claus gets shot down in the Gully so Gaza picks up from there by shooting down the Gully. What the hell happened to Christmas? This is way worse then the Christmas Story‘s “you’ll shoot your eye out” scene. Much worse. So I gave you two choices a) you can download both tracks below or b) you can listen to the new Sizzla “Treat You Like a Man Should” after the jump. It’s like a pick your own adventure, only one is clearly less stressful then the other. Clearly.

Gully Christmas: link
Gaza Christmas: link
(via Caribbean Media Galaxy)

Sizzla after the jump:


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