Vybz Kartel, “Bad Reputation” Video

19 Nov

This video’s been around for about a week now but I thought better post it for two reasons. First, because it features a cameo from Gaza’s it-girl, Lisa Hype, who’s in heavy circulation within Jamaican media at the moment. Why didn’t I post a video from Lisa Hype then? Well because the reason she’s circulating in the media has more to do with the camera phone shot of her giving a blow job then it does with her busted “Bleachin Fit Me” track.

Secondly, I’ve also been urged by some people to delve a little deeper into the politics surrounding the dancehall scene and it’s interweaving with Jamaican politics. While I have to admit at the end of the day I don’t really wanna talk about politics in Jamaica because that’s what I spend most of my days reading and writing about. Rather it makes sense to me that I find escape in the music, where I don’t have to think of the dirty ass gully’s that sweep from uptown to downtown crowded with slop (courtesy of KFC et al), and the baby mama’s getting slapped on the street by their men (which happened today) or the countless conversations about where all the money is going (tourism) and where are all the jobs are (abroad) and who is investing in Jamaica’s future (up for sale). It’s not a surprise that people always blame the music though, because it perpetuates the bad shit that truly does happen and that nobody wants to talk about. Can it be trivial, misogynistic, ignorant and bloody? Of course, but it reflects issues that a lot of people deal with day to day in an ever expanding sea of ghettos. On that note I thought while Vybz Kartel certainly has a bad attitude, maybe the bad reputation should be up for debate and this “Letter to the Editor” from The Gleaner on Monday is a good place to start. (via Tara Plays Fair)


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