Guerilla Mixtape Volume 11

3 Dec

Last weekend, on my way to Puerto Rico, I met Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel at the security checkpoint in Miami. As is the case with most Jamaicans, it’s easy to get to talking about anything and I ended up chatting with Queen Ifrica about Jamaica’s natural resources and you could see something just light up in her eyes. Too often you find yourself crossing from point A to B in Kingston, feeling worn down by the traffic, the cat calling, the aggression. Yesterday, I was walking through Half Way Tree with my friend’s eight year old daughter and a man grabbed me away from her, another man had to step in and say, that not right. My point being that the “country” consuls people from the city’s rougher, faster, more exhausting ways and any time you get a chance to make it to the “country,” life seems a little less troublesome. Today I stopped by the Bob Marley museum to get my little brother a Christmas present and the complex felt like a small sanctuary of what I imagine Bob Marley envisioned as his relief island within the city limits. Spotted with old Rastas and blasting Bob Marley, I sat by a tree and remembered why reggae is so damn good.

Download the new El Commandante Sound Guerilla Mixtape featuring Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Sizzla and Tarrus Riley here.


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