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Haitian Relief Benefit

28 Jan

Lets take the day off from dancehall. For all those New Yorkers that can brave the cold, a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer is showing his pieces from Haiti in New York on Friday. John Francis Peters experienced the Haiti that once was, two weeks prior to the destruction of the Port Au Prince earthquake. His showcase of these images this Friday will benefit the Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti. I had the good fortune of working with John for two years at the FADER and he is a talented person with the capacity to capture the most subtle ephemeral moments in beautiful ways. For those that won’t be able to make it to the show, peep his website for a collection of images from his Haitian travels.

Blak Ryno, “Fi Have Nuff”

27 Jan

I think of all the dancehall artists that I hear everyday, Blak Ryno is the most difficult for me to understand. Not because there is anything wrong with him, just that my ex-pat patois still only goes so far and his style mixed with the synth makes it one hella of a speed bump. But from my understanding, Blak Ryno is basically asking when will ghetto youth have enough to live off of, when will they stop losing their jobs, when will they stop having to run. I like this track, but i’ll be damned if it doesn’t make me wanna listen to some light and fluffy pop music for rest of the day.
Download it here (via Johnny Wonder

Vybz Kartel Feat Gaza Indu, “Know Bout Me”

27 Jan

Peep my post on about Vybz and Gaza Indu’s collaboration, “Know Bout Me.” Then add this editorial appendage as an afterthought: “Sex talk with our future children? We already have a mixtape for that,” because that is basically what Vybz and Indu are doing for me. Get “Know Bout Me” here.


26 Jan

The gentleman over at LastNightsMixtape requested a mix of last weeks EVR session at FADER’s “The Let Out,” so I pulled a little something together. This time I included some of those tracks that never made it into the mix ’cause FADER staff and I chatted the minutes away about transportation and TV. Below is the playlist and download link. Big ups to LastNightsMIxtape crew for the blog love and for reading my thoughts on the dancehall tip.

Download: EVR Dancehall Mix

1. Flexxx, “Fresh”
2. Ding Dong, “Man A Gallis”
3. Stylo G and Chi Ching Ching, “No Man to Mi Thing”
4. Tifa, “Boasy Wid It”
5. Beenie Man, “Me Woman A Call Mi”
6. Konshens and Dario, “Do Di Ting”
7. Vybz Kartel, “She Love”
8. Mavado, “Gyal Ova Gun”
9. Busy Signal, “Can’t Stop Me”
10. Blak Ryno, “Informa”
11. Vybz Kartel, “Unfaithful”
12. Gaza Indu, “Don’t Stop”
13. Mavado, “Fall Rain Fall”
14. Aidonia, “Mood For Love”
15. Stephen Di Genius, “Cyaa Fren Again”
16. Demarco, “True Friend (Buss a Shot)”
17. Mavado, “Starlight”
18. T’Nez, “Nuh Fear Yuh Face”
19. Flexxx and Kibaki, “Walkout”

Wyclef Jean Feat. Mavado, “Hold On”

25 Jan

A friend and I watched two Canadian army planes land at Norman Manley airport yesterday. No doubt they were shuttling goods back and forth to Haiti. There are so many questions as to how this could have happened or how it could have been avoided but reality is, it would be hard for any country to rebound from a Richter 7 with 50 aftershocks no matter how well you build things up. The Haitian earthquake was a little too close for comfort and Jamaicans are vastly aware of how easily it could have been Jamaica in such a mess of a situation. Haiti is only 200 miles from Jamaica so when everyone up north is done and finished thinking about Haiti’s crisis, that’s when Caribbean countries are gonna need each other most. Not to be the bearer of worse news, but natural disasters are increasing because of very obvious human impacts on the environment and most of us don’t even know what to do in the case of an earthquake. Growing up in Cali, we were told to get under our desks during n earthquake, which is basically suicide. Educate yourself on the current information and donate to the foundation of your choice for the Haitian crisis.

Busy Signal, “Night Shift/One More Night” Video

24 Jan

There is something really endearing about Busy Signal falling for a CEO type and having late night rendezvous with her in the copy room. Just that look on his face when she walks through the door, like a kid in the candy shop. Makes the whole “Gary” controversy seem a little mundane, like an Auotune experiment gone truly awry.

Aidonia feat Aisha Davis, “My Heart is Hers”

23 Jan

After a months worth of couch surfing and a New York chill that felt near to death, I’ve made it back to home base. Lots of good things going on right now for dancehall in New York with Federation Sound’s night at Santo’s, Rice and Peas at Sway and Queen Majesty about all over the place, felt like I was never missing out. BUT I’m back to Kingston and I’ve missed it more then expected: sunny days, easy vibes, good peeps. Don’t feel like leaving for a long time. Back to dancehall…. Aidonia just released a new single with reggae artist Aisha Davis and it’s slooowwww. Actually, I’m not sure how Aidonia slowed himself down to what feels like Massive Attack pace. Must have been strenuous for him to make something so RnB. I gotta say, Equiknoxx almost had me until I got to the end and donia basically drops his own tune by saying,”this song is too dead, it needs more life.” Big Seller.