Aidonia feat Aisha Davis, “My Heart is Hers”

23 Jan

After a months worth of couch surfing and a New York chill that felt near to death, I’ve made it back to home base. Lots of good things going on right now for dancehall in New York with Federation Sound’s night at Santo’s, Rice and Peas at Sway and Queen Majesty about all over the place, felt like I was never missing out. BUT I’m back to Kingston and I’ve missed it more then expected: sunny days, easy vibes, good peeps. Don’t feel like leaving for a long time. Back to dancehall…. Aidonia just released a new single with reggae artist Aisha Davis and it’s slooowwww. Actually, I’m not sure how Aidonia slowed himself down to what feels like Massive Attack pace. Must have been strenuous for him to make something so RnB. I gotta say, Equiknoxx almost had me until I got to the end and donia basically drops his own tune by saying,”this song is too dead, it needs more life.” Big Seller.


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