Wyclef Jean Feat. Mavado, “Hold On”

25 Jan

A friend and I watched two Canadian army planes land at Norman Manley airport yesterday. No doubt they were shuttling goods back and forth to Haiti. There are so many questions as to how this could have happened or how it could have been avoided but reality is, it would be hard for any country to rebound from a Richter 7 with 50 aftershocks no matter how well you build things up. The Haitian earthquake was a little too close for comfort and Jamaicans are vastly aware of how easily it could have been Jamaica in such a mess of a situation. Haiti is only 200 miles from Jamaica so when everyone up north is done and finished thinking about Haiti’s crisis, that’s when Caribbean countries are gonna need each other most. Not to be the bearer of worse news, but natural disasters are increasing because of very obvious human impacts on the environment and most of us don’t even know what to do in the case of an earthquake. Growing up in Cali, we were told to get under our desks during n earthquake, which is basically suicide. Educate yourself on the current information and donate to the foundation of your choice for the Haitian crisis.


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