Di Genius Lets You Watch

4 Feb

The age of voyeurism has really spun out of control with Facebook, Twitter, and blogging to the point where if you wanna know what anyone is doing at anytime– whether it be Jon the next door neighbor, Nicki Minaj or “The Situation”– all you have to do is get online and track ’em. There’s something kinda dirty about it that makes you feel unclean, even though the person has left themselves wide open for you to take a gander. For you dancehall lurkers, producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor might have just the fix. He’s launched a video stream on his website that basically lets you watch while him, Laden, Elephant Man, Chino and bunch of other big name artists make music in the Big Ship studio. I logged on for a minute and heard a new Donia track that sounded awesome… then I felt mad awkward like I just caught my brother getting out of the shower, so I shut it down. For those music nerds that are in constant stalker mode, you can check the peep show here.


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