Laden, “Bike Ride” & D.N.A. Riddim

8 Feb

Most of this weekend was spent driving around in my friend’s RAV4 listening to dancehall mixtapes, watching bootleg movies and making fun of my friend’s brothers before heading out to a dance in some stomping heels. This streamline of events was probably initiated by my not having water at my house, so I felt the need to stay away most of the weekend. Music was the fuel for most of the weekend, because if it wasn’t W club at Hilton on Saturday or Flexxx’s dance in Dun Robin on Friday, it was Youtube videos of ATL’s Waka Flocka or DJ Chrome on ZIP fm. To top it all off, so much good music just keeps falling into my lap, there doesn’t seem any reason to stop shaking, vibrating, windin or making 20 yold boys incredibly uncomfortable with your “I love nerds” primitive attraction– I really do love nerds. Also, sorry for shouting out to Chimney Records, “I love your shit.” I’m not a groupie I swear, I just read, write and dance too much. While I was in this catatonic haze, this D.N.A riddim dropped with tracks from Vybz Kartel, Vegas, Beenie Man, Aidonia and others. The best in my opinion being “Bike Ride” from Big Ship’s Laden who I interviewed on a bed once for Federation Sounds Anniversary party. Some day my complete ignorance to his talent is gonna resurface in that video….
Get the D.N.A riddim here:
Part I: here
Part II: here


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