15 Feb

DJ Switch and Diplo’s dancehall alias, Major Lazer, is playing Fiction in Kingston on February 24th (at least according to Diplo’s twitter). Here’s what he had to say:

“Kingston ! JAMAICA ! im playin fiction Feb 24th with the homies @majorlazer & special guests (@Lykke_Li ??)”

Lykke Li?? That would be something else. Diplo in the booth spinning records like a spaz, while Switch calmly negotiates the daggering Jamaican girls with Rihanna-style boufants and Lykke Li twirls in circles like Stevie Nicks circa 2010. If you add Elephant Man and his bejewled-candy-apple-styled suits to that mix… well lets just say if you vomit gummy bears and unicorns later that night, I wouldn’t be surprised. Peep this Elephant Man/Major Lazer remix to get a taste of what might be in store (musically that is.)

MP3: Elephant Man (Major Lazer remix) (via JJevaFrass)


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