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Gyptian, “Hold Yuh” Music Video

31 Mar

The new music video for Gyptian’s increasingly popular, “Hold Yuh” track dropped yesterday. Hot girls, nice cars, lots of “wine”… this video is really boring but the song still going in strong, regardless of its new mastering.

Weekend Jamz

30 Mar

A decent portion of my weekend was spent at the club. From Privilege (a first for me) to Wet Sundaze’s 1 year anniversary and then Bounty Killer Sundays, by the time the work week rolled around I was dead to the world and my ears were a buzz. I’m gonna blame my going in hard on spring fever… or some latent New York spring fever, since it’s always sunny here. Point being there was some serious dancing going on– not always on my end– and some major summer jams on the rise. Below is a selection of “Weekend Jamz” to keep an ear out for:

Vybz Kartel, “Oh Deh Gyal”

Richie Loopz, “My Cup”

Mavado, “Gyal A Mad Ova”

Serani, “When I’m Around You”

Ryno Di Stinger ft Kym, “Last Night”

28 Mar

The artistes formally known as Blak Ryno and Gaza Kim– now known as Ryno Di Stinger and KYM– have done a collaboration track and (big sigh of relief) it’s not a diss song about ex-label mate, Vybz Kartel. Instead this song is about cheatin! Good ‘ol fashion, bitch-I-know-you’re-sleeping-with-that-hoe, cheatin. Since people seem to be a little uptight lately about “topics” in dancehall songs I’m gonna assume its safe to say that cheating, or arguing about cheating, is something almost every genre has touched on and is therefore, safe? You let me know if it’s not. In the meantime, I’m feelin the summer-esque swing vibes of this Supa Blunt production and both Ryno and KYM seem to be trying to extend themselves in new ways, something I can ride for.

Konshens, “Survivor”

26 Mar

You may have thought I was sleeping on dancehall this week, but really I’ve been quietly observing its anxious shuffle from the passenger seat. This week in dancehall we saw a shift in economics with the launch of 2010’s biggest riddims onto Itunes and Amazon. Twitter was all a buzz with hope and excitement from the industry mavens and fans were giving play by plays of every new track they purchased (and probably already owned through freeload.)

I also spent a pretty penny in US dollars on tracks I already had – including the Jafrican riddim, one of my favorite’s for the year– and also stuck to my word and purchased Daseca’s Genesis riddim which snow-balled the onslaught of riddim purchase with its global radio marketing scheme– since then I haven’t stopped listening to Serani’s “When I’m Around You” from Genesis and on his new mixtape, Future II. It also appeared as online purchases picked up speed, freeloads slowed to a halt and promoters where finally starting to lasso in media hoarders. But a select few media giants are dropping a spare amount of goodies for freeload, just enough to feed our salacious appetites.

One track coming from Johnny Wonder’s realm is a Konshens’ “Survivor.” Last Sunday I saw Konshens at Hillshire in Portmore and later tweeted that the man CAN sing, which came out in my broken americanized version of patois as caann (aka can’t). Point being, I intended to emphasize that while many artistes lose their clarity and confidence singing live because they don’t have that warm snuggly to envelop them– also known as Autotune– that’s not the case for Konshens. Something you can see in his new “Survivor” track.

Get it here: “Survivor” MP3

Stacious, “Move Over”

21 Mar

Alliance’s number one gangstress, Stacious, is bubbling up with new tracks on both the Multi-Symptom riddim and Roof Top riddim. “Move Over” is an anthem for going big without the trash and burn mentality. This outlook gives me mad respect for Stacious, a deejay that’s been battling her way to the top for a minute and is now reaping some of the rewards. It’s clear female deejays nah have it easy and there been some damn good female deejays in the last twenty years– one of my favorites, Patra. Just hope Stacious continues to keep up the good fight. You can get the full Multi-Symptom riddim here (via


19 Mar

Gabriel Heatwave and Benjamin D– England’s heavy hitting dancehall purveyors– chronicled 25 years of dancehall hits on their Rinse FM show as an ode to the premier digital dancehaller, Wayne Smith and his chune, “Under Mi Sleng Teng.” It kills, especially mid-nineties… and that Bounty hit, “Look”… damn, and Sizzla’s “Pump Up”… just nab it there’s a lotta good shit in there. You can get the mix here and peep the track listing below.

* Wayne Smith – Sleng Teng (1985)
* Admiral Bailey – Punaany (1986)
* Super Cat – Mud Up (1987)
* Ninjaman – More Reality (1988)
* Shabba Ranks – Wicked Inna Bed (1989)
* Cutty Ranks – Retreat (1990)
* Buju Banton – Stamina Daddy (1991)
* Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote (1992)
* Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland – Action (1993)
* General Degree – Papa Lover (1994)
* Spragga Benz – Dem Flop (1994)
* Capleton – Tour (1995)
* Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree (1996)
* Beenie Man – Who Am I (1997)
* Mr Vegas – Heads High (Remix) (1998)
* Bounty Killer – Look (1999)
* Baby Cham – Man A Man (2000)
* Ward 21 – Don’t Push It (2000)
* Sizzla – Pump Up (2001)
* Mad Cobra – Press Trigger (2001)
* Tanya Stephens – Touch Me No More (2002)
* Elephant Man – Genie Dance (2003)
* Vybz Kartel – Tek Buddy (2003)
* Sean Paul – Temperature (2004)
* Leftside & Esco – Tuck In Yu Belly (2005)
* Assassin – As A Man (2005)
* Tony Matterhorn – Dutty Wine (2006)
* Natasha – Calabria (2007)
* Mavado – So Special (2008)
* Demarco – She Can’t Wait (2009)
* Busy Signal – Bare Gal (2010)

Serani, “The Future II” Mixtape

18 Mar

In his post-pubescent youth, a young, talented Jamaican named Craig Marsh (aka Serani) was inspired by the serenading American singer, R. Kelly. Last year, when the singjay’s career was soaring, I did a video interview with him, and Serani didn’t hesitate in citing the king of operatic R’nB and baby-making slow jams, R. Kelly, as an inspiration for many of the salacious tunes being released on his own debut album. While the tail end of 2009 fizzled out for the breakthrough artist, he seems to be rejuvenated and ready to take on 2010. His new “The Future II” Mixtape– a sequel to the immensely popular “The Future” from August 2008– is a blend of unchecked tracks and recent releases inspiring celebratory party hits and cheek to cheek slow jams that R. Kelly would be proud of.

Get it here: Serani, “Future II” Mixtape (via Seranimusic)