Rihanna and the “Rudeboys”

10 Mar

Rihanna feat Demarco, “Rudeboy” remix

I was relayed a message from a New York-based media bigman the other day asking, Is Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” jumping off in Jamaica? Considering the source of the question (undisclosed), I concluded the industry up North is trying to gauge “Rude Boy”s relevance in dancehall’s depot down South. Since “Rude Boy” is heavy on Jamaican dance stations and uptown clubs I said, “Sure,” but still a little iffy on whether it’s being embraced by the rudebwoys of dancehall. Then the deejay remixes started popping up.

Less then a day later, Eddie Stats “Ghetto Palms” update dropped in my inbox and a new remix of “Rude Boy” with Assassin was featured. Assassin adds a ragga-style remix to the track while plugging in Rihanna’s verses provocatively and holstering a rudebwoy persona with lyrics like, “you wan the snake charmer in deh snake pit, Ima snake trainer, I can show you snake tricks.” A line that is both terrifying and hot as shit.

Then yesterday, Demarco dropped his version of the “Rudeboy” remix with a more pop-friendly style then the Assassin version. Considering the heavy club vibes retained, I suspect the remix was done by the Jamaican-based Federation Sound DJ duo Alric and Boyd, who carry a night at Quad– that’s unconfirmed so don’t quote me. The remix is less of a musical deviation from pop music then a duet. Demarco’s versatile rn’b-influenced style syncs up perfectly with pop princess RiRi while he spits the usual dancehall cleverness by digging into “Rudeboy” with a lot of “wine” chat. You can get the track from dancehall bigman, Johnny Wonder, here.

UPDATE: Get the Chino “Burn Dem” Remix over the “Rudeboy” riddim here.

Rihanna feat. Assassin, “Rude Boy” remix

Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video:


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