Freshly Launched:

5 Jul

Not that long ago, before I dissolved from the U.S. to attend graduate school in Jamaica, I made a job of studying fashion blogs and mingling amongst the fashion masses alongside the lovely Chioma Nnadi, Style Director of The Fader. It was under these circumstances that I first came to Jamaica in 2008 as a guest to Caribbean Fashion Week and fell in love, not with clothes, but with Jamaican culture. It was our job as visitors to Kingston, Ms. Nnadi and I’s, to seek out style moments on the street to shoot for later posting in the website’s style section.

While “fashion” is not a term I particularly like, the term “style” seems more relevant because it has the ability to reveal true character, regardless of price tags. It was in Jamaica that I realized people had a very particular sense of personal style. Jamaicans make style their own by mish-mashing name brand with no brand and adding a lot of personal flare. More then anything, Jamaicans love posing for a camera, so it was a surprise to see there hadn’t been any “on-the-street” style blogs brewing.

Enter, Jamaica’s on the street and style wise website about everything from shopping to new designers to fashionistas. Hosted by Kingston based Biggy Bigz, the website is never short on perfectly framed and nicely edited snapshots of Jamaican style. Thankfully, talented and stylish Jamaicans are finally receiving the attention they deserve.
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