Jim Screechie Riddim

7 Jul

We’re six months deep into 2010 and already I’ve started to mentally catalogue my favorite riddims of the year to date. While I’m not inclined to reveal them yet I will say that this Jim Screechie Equiknoxx riddim has started to sneak under my skin like a prowling “Jim Screechy”. I’m not repeating words here just to annoy you. “Jim Screechie” is a Jamaican colloquialism for a sneaky person.

The artists on this riddim took the title to heart and playfully expanded on it, using it to build their own plot lines about stealing away lovers for loving. Aidonia serves a fine example in “Jackhammer” with an explicit analogy about using his power tool. The songs that really caught my ear though were Kemikal, Spice and RDX because they utilized buzzing, teeth kissing, shhshhing, bubba waabble sounds and even breathy whispering to balance their voices against the rise and dip of the unconventional sounding riddim. Peep the tracks below and pree the whole riddim here.

Kemikal, “La La La”

Spice, “Jim Screechie”

RDX, “For The Girls”


One Response to “Jim Screechie Riddim”

  1. wordlush July 15, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    This is fire! Loving it.

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