Exit 21 Riddim

20 Aug

When a riddim gets dropped with big dancehall names like Demarco, Mr. Lexx, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man, such as the Exit 21 riddim, it usually gets at least an extended rotation from local Selectors. These days turn over seems quicker then ever. Watching this riddim be pushed to the sidelines has invoked the dancehall spirit in me again and while it might be the perfect excuse for me to temporarily procrastinate on other writerly duties, I’ve returned to blogging.

The Exit 21 riddim was dropped earlier this summer and made available for digital download in late June. If the riddim reared its head early, I missed the resonance. Which is why I’m giving it a little face time now since Mr. Lexx (for which the above picture was acquired after googling his name), and a team of other monster dancehall names, made themselves a nice little collection on the DwaJay produced riddim.

Let’s begin with the guttural teachings of this “Nutten Nah Gwaan Fi Dem” Lexx track:

Vybz gives up a big track from Exit 21 with “Get Gyal Fi Free“. Don’t it sound like a children’s rhyme… bout gettin nuff gyal?

And lastly, Demarco’s “Turn Him On“. He said “show you have the vice grip” gyal.

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