5 Reasons “Doggie” is the Best JA Poet of the Year

6 Sep

Having been on the run for almost five years, “Transnational” contract killer, Cedric “Doggie” Murray, was shot down by police the second week of August this year. Accused of multiple killings and suspected of others, “Doggie” was the known leader of the infamous Stone Crusher gang and a lieutenant to Tivoli strongman, Christopher “Dudus” Coke. In a romantically tragic ending, with security forces on his tail, “Doggie” was gunned down on his 37th birthday after a dramatic exchange of gunfire. Police found on his person, Doggie’s gun and his diary.

Last weekend, under Jamaica’s Access to Information Act, the media finally got their hands on the coveted diary of “Doggie”. Published in the national newspapers, quotes from the diary chronicled the life of a considerably intelligent person/father/lover living in desperation and struggling for survival from even the early age of eleven. Doggie’s tellings don’t paint him in a forgiving way, his gun and his gang are at the core of his violent existence, but they do shine a light on the fragile humanity of even the most murderous derelict gunman.

Doggie’s tellings have captured a visceral narrative so uniquely raw and authentic, that no artist could attempt to recreate it. His story and tragic ending are the makings of an urban mythology and for that reason, “Doggie” may be the best Jamaican poet of the year (at least). Here are five reasons why:

1. He has a dark, unapologetic autobiographical narrative: “Babylon has labeled me a threat to society, why, because they can’t kill me and people love me. There are many skeleton in my closet never to be opened.”

2. His story leads up to a dramatic ending: “I was asleep when babylon came but by the grace of God I escape. The tracks are ruff. My life right now is very ruff, each day way different from what I am use to at my age.”

3. He is conflicted: “Today I got mad and strike my girl. We are having some problems, real life issues. She make me happy and I make her unhappy. She is scared of all this.”

4. His prose is rhythmic: “I fired my AK-47 until my fingers were numb. I ate gunpowder until my throat was sore.”

5. He is delusional: “Babylon feel seh man a fool like dem and dem can jus come and kill mi. Them betta know seh gangsta fi life. All out when mi get drawn out, straight bullet fi dem. My gun is my best friend. We are always together.”

(via Jamaica Observer)


One Response to “5 Reasons “Doggie” is the Best JA Poet of the Year”

  1. Blipsterfarian Logic September 8, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    The ‘incursion’ and its aftermath is forcing society to redefine how it characterises a ‘bad man.’ Dudus in a wig and Doggie a big writer!

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