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Mavado, Flexxx & Savage, “Gully Christmas” Melody

5 Nov

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nothing really happened yesterday in Dancehall but I can say that I was at Pizza Hut on Sunday getting “Sunday dinner” and they were putting up Christmas decorations so… I thought I’d post this new Christmas melody from Di Genius! Let’s do this. Christmas melodies in October! Single serving pizza for Sunday dinner!! White girls in JA writing ’bout Dancehall!!! ehh.

In other Alliance related news, a preview video was released about a week ago for the Honeycomb Melody–featuring Mavado, Savage, Flexxx, Demarco and a few others– giving us a little sneak peak at the soon to be released tracks. The video itself is kinda long and the good shit is dispersed between the above mentioned artists so I recommend toggling through it to the good parts. The video of course ends on Alliance patriarch, Mavado, and his track, but the camera shy artist never gives us more then a silhouette. Talk about real introvert.

Lastly, in completely unrelated Dancehall news, an old friend, Alex Lacao, is having his first art show in Seattle tonight and in addition to being one of the most insane Filipino ganstas I’ve ever met, he makes bizarro paper collage pieces. Check them out after the jump. Continue reading


Wah Do Dem

15 Aug

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most New Yorkers postulate that to live in New York by association you innately learn worldliness….alright, but in indie film, Wah Do Dem, protagonist Max, a Brooklyn tourist, loses his girlfriend, his cruise ship, and his luggage all in a week before having to jump island to get to the American Embassy and make his way home. Wah Do Dem explores all those things about Jamaica (or any foreign world) that you may fear and love, that you may think you have reigned in, but surprises you at every turn in good and completely unfortunate ways. The film was first conceived two years ago when co-director Ben Chance won a free trip on a Caribbean cruise and decided to bring his friend Sam Fleischner along to do an impromptu film project on all those ironic and feasibly ridiculous mishaps that could occur on a tropical cruise misadventure. With a soundtrack by Brooklyn’s Suckers and Reggae greats The Congos and John Holt, I’m hoping the film proves to be as strong as it sounds. Peep the trailer above.

Chuck Dong

30 Jul


Love the Dong
This is my dude Chuck. He carries a Polaroid camera everywhere and takes beautiful pictures of beautiful women all over the place. What could be better?

The Room

23 Jun

The worst, best, most fucked film ever made, The Room. Written, starring, directed, produced and executive produced by Tommy Wiseau. Best if watched while downing a bottle of Korbel  and OJ. Also, peep the Tim and Eric episode directed by this dude:

Sandy Kim

15 May
finalssuckass by Sandy

finalssuckass by Sandy

finalssuckass14 by Sandy

finalssuckass14 by Sandy

Photographer Sandy Kim is one of my favorites because she makes images that are weird/hilarious/bloody. Every week I check LoveBryan to see if she has any new posts and as of late she’s been doing some reflective imaging shots that are awesome because each one is titled finalssuckass– they do. They were probably taken from some sort of apple pipe slash Polaroid sheet thingy that she made and rigged with electrical tape while not studying for her finals. This girl is the best graphic designer I’ve ever seen with a camera.