Happy Birthday Bab Morley!!

6 Feb

Photo from Morrison Hotel Gallery

Check the Birthday Bob mix Safari Sound whipped up:

The Clash/The Hype

18 Jan

The exact point of incision that catalyzed the feud between Aidonia and Vybz Kartel escapes me but as of last month, the two deejays have been indirectly and directly exchanging disses through the media. Aidonia released his track “Left Dem White” as a diss to Kartel, giving a healthy serving of his trademark lyrical elasticity with a barrage of venomous allegories. Kartel responded by twitter saying he wouldn’t bother even giving into the hype (in effect giving into the hype.) Thus was born Kartel’s Dancehall Hero pt. 2,” a preview for which was released earlier Monday and a follow up to “Dancehall Hero” which pissed just about every artiste off in the industry.

Aidonia ft. Navino, “Left Dem White” Download.

I don’t normally wallow in these sorts of matters. Clashes appear often as contrived petty cat fights veiled by the notion that two deejays are flexing their lyrical muscles. Not to disregard their importance, a good “clash” has long been the beacon of dancehall worthiness for an artiste. Nowadays, it seems more like a publicity stunt, presented as a shiny new platform to deliver hits for artistes. But hype is hype, and many artistes will take the free publicity, especially Kartel who uses unusual antics to keep the attention of the public. In this case, he has already used the clash with Aidonia to jumpstart his next hit, “Dancehall Hero Pt. 2” which, despite only having previewed a rough sound bite at a recent session, is getting an unwarranted amount of attention from fans.

To make matters worse, promotional sites such as Hypetv further mock the original dancehall clash with videos like this, claiming that they are bringing back “authenticity to save the music” and “authentic dancehall fans” through “lyrical death matches.” Key words being “authentic” here. Oh, but don’t forget to scroll down and pay up your 25 USD to enter the authentic contest.

A Year in Dancehall: 2010

29 Dec

Vybz Kartel drives full force ahead

Last year Kiss my Teeth/Imagelala did a much more straightforward run down of the top ten riddims and singles of 2009, but this 2010 round-up goes a little deeper into the shifty geology that makes up this year’s successes and failures in dancehall. In 2010 we saw the sometimes successful, sometimes brash shuffle dancehall took into new sounds, the systematic revoking of visas, catastrophic failures in album sales, the incredible personal branding successes and some serious bleaching. Read it all after the jump.

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Jahdan Blakkamoore, “All Comes Back to One”

22 Nov

Jahdan Blakkamoore captures the element of community in his new video for the single “All Comes Back to One”, a mellow track from his new album Babylon Nightmare coming out December 7th. It’s is a feel good moment: summer time in Brooklyn, a bunch of homies hanging out (aka Matt Shadetek of Dutty Artz, 77 Klash) and kids vibing in a playground with the brightly clad Blakkamoore. Summer should last forever (which is why I’ll probably never leave the Caribbean.)
Freeload: “All Comes Back to One” (via Soul of the Lion)

Showa Eski Riddim

13 Nov

Natalie Storm says “Yum Yum!” because she eating Boys for Breakfast in her new track with the same name on the Prodigal Entertainment produced Showa Eski riddim. Storm exudes a rebel persona in her music that would lead one to believe that if there were a punk scene in Jamaica, she would be the unofficial spokeswoman. The riddim, which stirred up a craze after the release of “It’s Wiley” track with grime artiste Wiley, also features tunes from Stein, Rage, Lady Chann and Ward 21 and was released digitally this week. The Stein and Rage serve a supple helping of slackness– not for the listener who prefers to keep their ears unsullied– while Lady Chann gives her Brit-Jamaican edge to the genre-crossing beat and Ward 21 pays tribute to bump and grind.

Get the tracks now on Juno.

Natalie Storm, “Boys 4 Breakfast”

Oh the slackness. Wow.

Rage, “Outa Jail”

Wildlife! ft Terry Lynn, “Nocturnal World”

12 Nov

Jamaican house/electro artiste Terry Lynn just finished touring with Swiss producer Wildlife! and Tricky last month in a short circulation through England and while the artiste is expecting to drop her second full length early in the new year, her collaborator Wildlife! is releasing his new EP “BuckUp” on the 22nd of November. Wildlife!’s “BuckUp” will feature tracks with Lynn, Major Mackeral and Sammy Dread with a series of remixes by mastermixers Douster and L-Vis 1990. The new single from the album called “Nocturnal World” featuring Lynn dropped earlier this week giving a preview of a more emotionally focused Lynn over the spacey Wildlife! production. Check out the track below and order “BuckUp” over at the Wildlife! site. (via seen-site.com)


NYC-2-Africa Riddim

12 Nov

In a transnational collaboration of African, Jamaican and New York artistes, a riddim from NYC label Subatomic Sound, Peoples Records and African Hip Hop label Nomadic Wax called NYC-2-AFRICA dropped digitally earlier this week.

The riddim features tracks from Anthony B, Jahdan Blakkamoore and Bajah of Dry Eye Crew out of Sierra Leone, Africa. NYC-2-AFRICA, which was released just before the irruption into Tivoli Gardens last May, has a hollow drumming of a beat with a dubstep throwback and a political theme that exercises the rowdy lyricism of the triad. Hear the full riddim below or on the label’s Soundcloud (which includes a free download) and purchase it over at Itunes or Amazon.