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MP3: Adele & Jamie XX vs. Cecile, Mr. Lexx, Timberlee, “Rolling in the Heat” (Heatwave Refix)

9 May

So… *half smiles, stretches fingers*… back to hybrid sounds, bastardized tracks, dancehall soundsystems and the depths of Adele’s despair. The Heatwave crew has been stirring their summer coals over there in farin ‘ol merry England, dropping a refix on the remix of the soul lounge sound of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. Heatwave calls it “Rolling in the Heat”, a double edged word play on the HEATwave and Summer HEAT, maybe?? I’m assuming. But it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think “Rolling in the Heat” is the club crew’s sly little way of saying they’re bringing on the Heat with their heavy bass yard version.

Talk about evolution of a song, the track has had multiple makeovers, beginning originally, of course, with Adele before taking a little dubstep detour with a remix from The XX producer, Jamie XX, and then being remolded dancehall-version style by The Heatwave. Topping off the track with dub overs from Cecile, Mr. Lexx, Timberlee and squeezing in a tidbit of Dixie Cups, “Iko. Iko”, Heatwave make themselves a hefty club track with a little fire under its ass (maybe that’s why it’s called “Rolling in the Heat”)

Get it here.

Adele & Jamie XX vs. Cecile, Mr. Lexx & Timberlee, “Rolling in the Heat”: