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Laden’s R&B Hustle

25 May

For a while now Di Genius has been strengthening his roots in the R&B genre, utilizing his innate attraction to elongated synths and languid melodies to interlock them with the “oh oh oh” choruses of singjays like Mavado and Nicky B. Two new releases from the young producer prove his adoration for the genre with continued musical collaborations from close friend Laden. The two singles, “Come Mek Me Touch You” and “She’s Getting Drunk (Moet)” offer Laden in the best light of his talents, the realm of the singjay.

It’s no mystery that Laden as a singjay has become a darling of sorts for the crossover of dancehall/R&B and he may continue to stay up top in this genre (see the most recent Mavado exploration). Laden, who has lingered on the periphery for a great while, despite the strength of singles like “Really Like You” and “My Love”, is expounding on Di Genius’ R&B explorations with these tracks and solidifying his footing as a Jamaican R&B singjay to be dealt with.

Laden, “Come Mek Me Touch You”
Laden – Come Mek Me Touch You

Laden, “She’s Getting Drunk (Moet)”
Laden – She’s Getting Drunk [Moet]


Laden, “My Love” (Slept On)

16 Feb

The first I noticed producer Sean Frass was on his Israel riddim, which authored the last of the “war” songs between Gaza and Gully since the truce in early December. Other then the short lived success of that riddim – and this video on Dancehall.mobi– Dj Frass has been somewhat quiet. Maybe he blew up too fast, or maybe he opened his mouth too soon? Either way, I’m hoping that this Laden track means he’s not gone for good because despite the hype (and Gaza/Gully arguing) he actually makes pretty good beats. Peep this Laden track, “My Love” that dropped a few weeks ago. You can get it here.

Laden, “Bike Ride” & D.N.A. Riddim

8 Feb

Most of this weekend was spent driving around in my friend’s RAV4 listening to dancehall mixtapes, watching bootleg movies and making fun of my friend’s brothers before heading out to a dance in some stomping heels. This streamline of events was probably initiated by my not having water at my house, so I felt the need to stay away most of the weekend. Music was the fuel for most of the weekend, because if it wasn’t W club at Hilton on Saturday or Flexxx’s dance in Dun Robin on Friday, it was Youtube videos of ATL’s Waka Flocka or DJ Chrome on ZIP fm. To top it all off, so much good music just keeps falling into my lap, there doesn’t seem any reason to stop shaking, vibrating, windin or making 20 yold boys incredibly uncomfortable with your “I love nerds” primitive attraction– I really do love nerds. Also, sorry for shouting out to Chimney Records, “I love your shit.” I’m not a groupie I swear, I just read, write and dance too much. While I was in this catatonic haze, this D.N.A riddim dropped with tracks from Vybz Kartel, Vegas, Beenie Man, Aidonia and others. The best in my opinion being “Bike Ride” from Big Ship’s Laden who I interviewed on a bed once for Federation Sounds Anniversary party. Some day my complete ignorance to his talent is gonna resurface in that video….
Get the D.N.A riddim here:
Part I: here
Part II: here