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Sani Showbizz Buss!

7 Sep

Lately it seems video director and itinerant photographer, Peter Dean Rickards, has been cooking up his own little dancehall industry in the backwoods of Stony Hill. Interviews with Sani Showbizz, a remarkably familiar-looking Jamaican musical artiste (aka Prince Zimboo in a suit), have been leaking onto the photographer’s youtube site. In what appears to be a performance art parody on dancehall culture, Sani Showbizz adds a little levity to the heavy fog that has become the Jamaican music industry. In this video, Showbizz’s blustering swagger apologizes for nothing as he dances his way through the interview to “I know”, a Sani Showbizz original. Until the interviewer asks him about Zimboo, and just like a hothead, Sani losses his cool.

(via Annie Paul Twitter)