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Sizzla Kalonji, “Precious Gift”

25 Nov

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My Thanksgiving weekend starts after class today– and after I turn in this 25 page paper on Jamaica’s Cockpit Country– so I’m taking off to Puerto Rico, because nothing says Thanksgiving like visiting a U.S. territory. In light of my good mood, and Sizzla’s sweet styles and Vybz Kartel’s Christmas cheer, I’m giving up this new Sizzla “Precious Gift” single just because it’s good vibes. Soon come.

Vybz Kartel, “Rifle Shot” (Isreal Riddim)

25 Nov

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Rasssssssclottttt!!! Where did this youtuber find time to animate a brain spewing smiley face man on ClipArt for Vybz Kartel’s Israel Riddim counterdiss “Rifle Shot?” Call it dark humor but it somehow lightens the load of Kartel’s multi-distructive “Rifle Shot” track that disses not one but THREE collaborative efforts at once: Mavado and his “War is in the Air” track, Stephen McGregor and Big Ship and also Aidonia and his dancehall outcasts. From early yesterday Busy Signal posted from his twiiter saying, “mi nu ina nuh war ting nuh bwoy cyaa draw mi out.mi waa dem leff mi name outta dem loose rhyme. mi jus waa mek good tune,” which is basically asking for disaster since Kartel is operating at threat level Orange.

School Bell Medley/ Mavado invites Peace

23 Nov

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Mavado apparently invited Vybz Kartel to his Dec. 5th Birthday Bash this year in order to make peace. His manager claimed that too many youth had been getting caught up in the Gully/Gaza war and it needed to be squashed. After a failed peace treaty in 2007, and an expectation ( and fear) that at this year’s Sting more then just a few words would be exchanged, a peaceful public exchange could smooth over a lot of unnecessary violence taking place in Jamaica. Will Vybz show up? No word yet but it seems a little ironic that the video for Kartel’s School Bell Medley dropped the same weekend as Mavado’s proposal on behalf of Jamaican youth.

Update: Vybz Kartel responds.

Portmore Empire, “Unknown Riddim”

20 Nov

Just got back from the Port Maria Magistrate where I oversaw some of my first Jamaican court cases thanks to a lawyer friend of mine. While most cases were primarily traffic related or civil suits, I noticed everyone showed up for their case but dem police men who were no where to be found. Almost all cases were postponed for six months. Just a thought.

Headed back into Kingston we stopped to get fried chicken and I heard a Death Cab for Cutie song on the radio which seemed really awkward against the background of banana trees and aluminum sided homes. It’s hard to imagine any other soundtrack for Jamaica then the sounds of dancehall and reggae. Coincidentally when I reached Kingston the “Unknown Number” riddim had dropped just before the weekends start and it gave a slightly better track from Lisa Hype, but a lot more good shit from Vybz and Sheba– who’s witty foreplay keeps me interested– Blak Ryno, Shawn Storm and Merital Family. Download it here. (via Tuff Chin.)

Vybz Kartel, “Bad Reputation” Video

19 Nov

This video’s been around for about a week now but I thought better post it for two reasons. First, because it features a cameo from Gaza’s it-girl, Lisa Hype, who’s in heavy circulation within Jamaican media at the moment. Why didn’t I post a video from Lisa Hype then? Well because the reason she’s circulating in the media has more to do with the camera phone shot of her giving a blow job then it does with her busted “Bleachin Fit Me” track.

Secondly, I’ve also been urged by some people to delve a little deeper into the politics surrounding the dancehall scene and it’s interweaving with Jamaican politics. While I have to admit at the end of the day I don’t really wanna talk about politics in Jamaica because that’s what I spend most of my days reading and writing about. Rather it makes sense to me that I find escape in the music, where I don’t have to think of the dirty ass gully’s that sweep from uptown to downtown crowded with slop (courtesy of KFC et al), and the baby mama’s getting slapped on the street by their men (which happened today) or the countless conversations about where all the money is going (tourism) and where are all the jobs are (abroad) and who is investing in Jamaica’s future (up for sale). It’s not a surprise that people always blame the music though, because it perpetuates the bad shit that truly does happen and that nobody wants to talk about. Can it be trivial, misogynistic, ignorant and bloody? Of course, but it reflects issues that a lot of people deal with day to day in an ever expanding sea of ghettos. On that note I thought while Vybz Kartel certainly has a bad attitude, maybe the bad reputation should be up for debate and this “Letter to the Editor” from The Gleaner on Monday is a good place to start. (via Tara Plays Fair)

Busy Signal, “Nuh Fraid of Them”

18 Nov

Since music nerds are only “cool” on the internet, I hide pretty comfortably behind my computer screen unworried about posting ANOTHER Busy Signal track ’cause nerd’s sometimes get unnecessarily excited when Busy Signal sings Every girl hav my name a call, dem ex boyfriend a no threat to me, dem gyal dey love the swagger dats all, a mi a want de all of dem over Drake’s “Forever” beat…. just let me have this, k?

Hear it after the jump and get it here. (via Honey for Bears)

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Mavado, “War is in the Air”

16 Nov

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This last weekend was a bag of mixed emotions. Saturday I got my Blackberry jacked from my coat while out dancing with the girls and the same night there was also the opening of brand new club W, at Devon House. Plus, the usual Friday night adventures every which way across Kingston, in which we ended up at same said party as last week in Stoney Hill where, Yo, I met Ching Ching Ching and won a three pack of Magnum for knowing Mavado’s birthday. I mean how do you come to terms with that much fun and misfortune? First, you start by investing in a much cheaper Nokia so when people try and jack you, they look at your phone and say, “next.” Second, you hunt down Mavado’s next best riddim track and it will have you feeling good about the coming weekend even if it’s Monday.

Ed. Note: Read more about the “ISRAEL Riddim” at